ERP Package Selection: How To Find The Right Package

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Choosing the right ERP package is as crucial as the app itself. You can invest in the best software available. Unfortunately, it won’t do much if you don’t pick the right package.

Luckily, we’ve already talked a lot about the NBS study on package selection. Today, we’ll go through how you can choose the right package. However, we’re assuming you’ve read the previous tips.

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Ask for ERP package proposals

Firstly, you need proposals. Proposals offer direct insight into each package. In other words, they teach you the benefits. ERP proposals cover multiple variables.

For instance, you need to learn the software’s requirements. The same goes for benefits, functionality, and more. Ask for as much as possible in each proposal.

Evaluate your proposals

The second step is to evaluate these documents. Ideally, you should have several proposals. Yet, make sure they’re not overwhelming.

For this evaluation, you need clear requisites. Think about what your company needs and document it. Compare each proposal with these criteria.

Request ERP package walkthroughs

ERP walkthroughs come in many shapes. However, the goal remains: show you how it works. Your favored vendors should take you through all features.

You can schedule demos and other presentations. The goal is to understand what the software can do for you. Compare these walkthroughs to the proposal documents as well.

Assess your vendors

Your vendors are also crucial considerations. For instance, server stability is vital for cloud apps. The same goes for their customer service and attention.

Many vendors offer on-site visits and training. Those are always fantastic advantages. Therefore, don’t neglect any aspect. Preferably, ask for vendor interviews.

Consider ERP package support

Additionally, you should learn about available support. This feature also goes beyond customer support. ERP software is complicated, so support matters.

Documentation is a great example. Today, most ERP solutions offer user guides and tutorials. These educational resources, training, and maintenance demand attention.

Compare costs and benefits

Finally, don’t forget about your costs. You can valuate your ERP proposals if you compare them. Think about how they can benefit you against their price.

Traditionally, more functionality translates into higher costs. But, that isn’t always the case. Assess what you need and what you don’t. You can save noticeable money that way.

How to make the most out of your ERP packages

We can help you nail your ERP package selection. We’re offering free consultation for all new clients. Make sure to contact us if you need help!

We can help you with every implementation step. That includes:

  • Software and package selection.
  • Full implementation.
  • Data migration and onboarding.
  • ERP upgrades.
  • Rescuing failed ERP projects.
  • Much more.


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