SAP S/4HANA Trial Systems: Discovering It’s Potential

SAP S/4HANA trial systems are a valuable resource for any organization looking to transition to a new ERP using real-world, test scenarios. These trial systems, offered by SAP, can be easily deployed in the cloud or within your own data center, featuring preconfigured SAP Best Practices content.

Built upon SAP Activate and SAP Best Practices, these systems help you identify your requirements for transitioning and understand the prerequisites involved.

Introducing the SAP S/4HANA Trial System

Both SAP customers and partners can access the trial system. It includes SAP Best Practices and corresponding sample data and scenarios.

To configure your SAP S/4HANA trial system, visit

The on-premise version of the SAP S/4HANA trial system is available through the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (referred to as “the library”) and can be deployed in a private cloud. The library offers preconfigured software systems in a cloud-based solution on demand.

By utilizing cloud computing, you can lease PC infrastructure rather than investing in your own hardware. The library’s scalable concept is based on the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model, providing an online platform for managing your SAP systems hosted by any IaaS cloud provider (e.g., Amazon, Google, or Microsoft).

SAP S4/HANA dashboard example

There are two options for exploring SAP S/4HANA through the trial system:

Cloud Trial

This option allows you to create a user with 14-day test access to a preconfigured SAP S/4HANA Cloud demo system. This public cloud variant, or SaaS model, behaves like an S/4HANA Cloud system in the public cloud.

The system is shared by all users and ready to use. With demo scenarios executable using wizards. It provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the functions of S/4HANA Cloud and the SAP Fiori user interface. 

You cannot modify the system configuration or run migration scenarios as administrative. These functions are limited. The advantage of this option is that it is completely free, with no hosting costs involved.

On-Premise Trial

With this option, you can use a 30-day test license to create a full S/4HANA on-premise system in a private cloud. More accurately, you instantiate the system rather than create it. This is called an S/4HANA appliance.

While the test license is free, hosting fees for the chosen cloud provider will apply. As this trial system is your own, you can view and modify all functions (including customization) and access the system via SAP GUI.

The appliance enables you to run a complete S/4HANA on-premise landscape as a trial system in AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. You must have an account with the chosen cloud provider. The image below displays the appliance within the library.

SAP S4/HANA Test Systems Model

By utilizing the library landscape, you gain flexibility and availability. You can define various sizes for virtual systems (i.e., different memory and disk sizes), adapting the landscape to your specific needs. Furthermore, you can stop, start, and use your system as necessary.

Actual costs involve hosting fees and cloud provider charges vary depending on your selected provider and system size. It is important to consider these factors when deciding on a trial system that best meets your needs and budget constraints.

Key Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Trial Systems

  1. Enhanced Learning Experience: Trial systems enable users to gain hands-on experience with SAP S/4HANA, helping to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This hands-on experience helps users understand the capabilities and limitations of the system better than any classroom or online course.
  2. Customization and Testing: With an on-premise trial, you can modify and test the system configuration to better understand the impact of any changes on your business processes. This allows you to make better-informed decisions when transitioning to S/4HANA.
  3. Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure: S/4HANA trial systems can be integrated with your existing infrastructure. Allowing you to test the compatibility of your current systems with the new platform.
  4. Risk Mitigation: By using a trial system, you can identify potential risks and issues that may arise during the transition. Giving you the opportunity to be proactive before fully implementing the system.
  5. Cost Savings: The SAP S/4HANA Cloud trial system is free of charge, allowing you to explore the platform without incurring additional costs. While the on-premise option incurs hosting fees, it can still be a cost-effective way to evaluate S/4HANA before making a substantial financial commitment.

These trial systems help users understand the features and functionality of the platform. They also assist in making informed management or tactical decisions.

The ability to customize and test these systems in real-world scenarios provides invaluable insights that pave the way for a successful transition to S/4HANA.

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SAP S/4HANA Trial Systems: Discovering It’s Potential

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