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Choosing the perfect ERP system for your organization is no easy feat. That’s why you need Zero Point ERP on your side.

Our team of experts will help you navigate NetSuite, Oracle, or SAP S4/HANA so you can automate critical tasks, boost cash flow, and enhance strategic reports. Every business is unique, and we’ll tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

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Need help rescuing your ERP project? We guide our clients through their entire ERP implementation. Speak with a Zero Point expert today.

Who can benefit from our solutions?

First time implementations

We assist our clients in choosing the best ERP software. This includes migrating existing systems and processes. We'll also train your team to succeed within a brand new system.

Upgrading to modern technology

If you're still using Excel to manage large data sets or inventory, you're already fighting an uphill battle. We migrate our clients legacy management systems to more modern solutions.

Rescue existing ERP project

Whether you’ve been going it alone, or working with an ERP / NetSuite consultant…if your project is taking too long…if it’s hitting too many roadblocks…let us alleviate some of that stress. We'll get your project back on track.

Current ERP partner lacks experience

With better planning and management in place, Zero Point mitigates obstacles along the way. You don't have to spend more time and money than you have to.

Customized solutions

A successful ERP or NetSuite implementation starts with listening and learning first. Our experts perform an in-depth assessment. To understand what you're trying to solve for and where it went wrong. We learn about your entire business ecosystem. And make plans designed with longevity in mind.

How we help companies grow

Our team is experienced in major ERP implementations. We’re also former NetSuite employees.

Our services are personalized according to your goals, needs, and challenges.

We’re transparent, deadline driven and communicate often with our clients.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll tailor a custom solution that works best for you.

Deploy the latest ERP solutions best-suited for your industry. This includes API integrations. 


Daniel L. CPA, GHX

The extent and fluency of their Oracle system knowledge, an unparalleled work ethic, and genuine ability to work very well with people at all levels prove Zero Point is a remarkable resource for us.

Maryam D. Global Controller, OTS Logistics Group

I fully recommend Zero Point for any position with your group or company and if I had the chance I would definitely hire Zero Point again.

Roderick R. International Cost Accounting Manager, UTStarcom

When assigned a project Zero Point was very responsive in providing status updates and always completed their tasks on schedule. They're very approachable and I found them to be a pleasure to work with.

Stefanie S. Accountant, Huffman Tax and Accounting

Zero Point has made what felt like a nightmare dealing with NetSuite into something that actually feels more usable and manageable. Thank you Zero Point for everything! You have definitely earned a customer for life!

Michael C. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Silent-Aire

As a NetSuite recruiting specialist I highly recommend Zero Point to complete any project within NetSuite. I am pleased to have the privilege of working with Zero Point and hope to continue our working relationship for years to come.

Juan U. Corporate Business Systems Manager, GM Financial

Zero Point is one of the best ERP consultants I've ever had the privilege of working with. They know their stuff inside and out. I would love to work with Zero Point again, and will encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with them to do so.

Why we love NetSuite

Our favorite thing about NetSuite is how it helps our customers grow,  learn and inform their decision-making. Its unique, single database approach combined with customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, and the ability to administer various business applications from a single source provides visibility and drives the positive behaviors you need to create long-term, sustainable growth in your business.

There’s really nothing else available in the marketplace that can provide scalable, transparent and integrated solutions delivered in the cloud like NetSuite does.


What’s the best ERP solution?

Different companies benefit from different features and plans. That’s why we help you find and implement the best software based on company needs.

Why should I trust your services?

Many implementation partners keep recycling the same strategy with minor tweaks for all their clients. We’ve helped companies revert the damage created by these approaches. We also develop our methodologies from scratch depending on your situation.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, understanding our clients is a priority. Before you hire us we conduct a goals and needs assessment. This allows us to develop an effective strategy moving forward.

What makes you different from the competition?

A majority of Zero Point consultants and developers are former NetSuite employees. We know the in's and out's that NetSuite has to offer, and most ERP platforms.